Things that irritate me on Google+

  1. Profile shortnames didn’t migrate. So instead of, I’m stuck with¬† Yes, there are work arounds and you can use DNS forwarding and shorteners. I just don’t get why they would take a step backwards from something they already were doing right in Google Profiles. Remember the mess when they rolled out names on Facebook late in the game?
  2. Comments on active posts make a page really long and there’s no way to shorten it except a full page refresh.
  3. There’s no way to find the +replies easily. At least not that I saw.
  4. YouTube posts are really big. It would be better if there was just a small thumbnail and clicking it would expand like the photos do.
  5. It’s missing a way to DM smoothly. Yes you can Share with just a single person, but that seems hokey. Since this is Google “plus”, maybe a simple way to email other users. I don’t think we need new functionality, isn’t that the idea behind plus, to augment what already exists?
Other than those issues, I’m really enjoying it so far. Circles makes sense to me and setting sharing permissions is just easier than on FaceBook. I can’t wait till I have more friends on it to see how the experience changes.

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