Uploading an existing project to Chaw using git

This is for users of thechaw.com. It is a project repository for CakePHP projects.

Change directory to your application’s working path. This will be inside of your “app” directory.
cd /htdocs/app

Setup git locally.
git init

Add link to the remote repository.
git remote add upstream [email protected]:projectname.git

Edit .gitignore to include the following:

*Note for Mac users, it is advantageous to also add .DS_Store

This is HIGHLY recommended. This prints out a list of files that would be added, so you can make sure there aren’t extra libraries or other files
git add . --dry-run

Add files to commit.
git add .

Commit files.
git commit -m "Initial commit of project files"

Upload to the repository.
git pull upstream master
git push upstream master

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